We focus on the production of rotating metal components, mainly from free cutting steel, but other types of material as well (e.g., weldable steel, aluminium, etc.). The great majority of our production is oriented to the automotive industry or hydraulic systems.

The machinery used by the company consists of:

  1. multi-spindle automatic turning machines from the Swiss company Tornos and the traditional domestic manufacturer Tajmac ZPS Zlín:
    • AN 6/40
    • Tornos MULTIDECO
    • MORI – SAY TMZ
    • MORI - SAY
    • SAY
  2. single-spindle automatic turning machines from the companies Tornos, Nakamura, Haas and Tajmac ZPS Zlín:

Our technology enables the production of components in huge series up to a diameter of 42 mm. For small-lot production we are able to produce items from a material diameter up to 200 mm.